"Playing Church"

Written on 11:09 PM by Pastor Coon

Two Little Boys ~

After a hardy rainstorm filled all the potholes in the streets and alleys, a young mother watched her two little boys playing in the puddle through her kitchen window.

The older of the two, a five year old lad, grabbed his little brother by the back of his head and shoved his face into the water hole.

As the younger boy recovered and stood laughing and dripping, the mother runs to the yard in a panic.

"Why on earth did you do that to your little brother?!" she asked the older boy in anger.

"We were just playing 'church' mommy," he said. "And I was baptizing him.....in the name of the Father, the Son and in the hole-he-goes."

True Independence means Dependence

Written on 3:34 PM by Pastor Coon

George Washington’s Prayer

Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large. And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind, which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without an humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Daniel Webster Said:

“Finally, let us not forget the religious character of our origin. Our fathers were brought hither by their high veneration for the Christian religion. They journeyed by its light, and labored in its hope. They sought to incorporate its principles with the elements of their society and to diffuse its influence through all their institutions, civil, political, or literary. Let us cherish these sentiments, and extend this influence still more widely; in the full conviction, that that is the happiest society which partakes in the highest degree of the mild and peaceable spirit of Christianity.”

I wanted to blog today but...

Written on 8:27 PM by Pastor Coon

I can't! Apparently something has crashed on my computer

And oddly enough the mouse is missing, too...hmmmm!?!?!

Smile and have a great day...God is still in control and caring for you!!